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The MORE Foundation

We want MORE for our community.

The M&M Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (MORE ) Foundation is a non-profit orthopaedic education and research foundation committed to improving the physical well-being of our community by providing the latest in orthopaedic education and by participating in the most current and cutting edge orthopaedic research.

“Our aim is to promote and facilitate a high level of community awareness regarding orthopaedic care and to further orthopaedic research and education for physicians and the surrounding community,” states Dr. Timothy Payne of M&M Orthopaedics, Ltd.

As the not- for- profit affiliate of M&M Orthopaedics, Ltd., noted leaders in the field of orthopaedic care, the Foundation is committed to enhancing patient care through education. By utilizing the expertise of the M&M Orthopaedic physicians, the Foundation is able to educate thousands of community members and health care professionals each year. These programs are designed to educate students, coaches, trainers, therapists, physicians, nurses, and lay people alike about current and new orthopaedic developments. By increasing the knowledge of orthopaedic health and preventative orthopaedic health measures within the community, the Foundation enables individuals to take a more active role in their healthcare and overall wellness.

Through the generous gifts of donors, the MORE Foundation has been able to establish and carry out the following programs within the community: pre-physical athletic screenings to various schools in the community, comprehensive sideline coverage for school sporting events, and provide programs for all age groups specific to their level of activity and /or condition. One of the aims of the Foundation is to educate the aging athlete, who wishes to maintain his/her active lifestyle at a full level of enjoyment, about new developments in orthopaedic care.

For the professionals in the community, the MORE Foundation provides a variety of annual seminars and workshops featuring the physicians of M&M Orthopaedics which educate physicians and other health care professional working with an orthopaedic population. Yearly seminars include pediatric orthopaedic surgery, worker’s compensation and a variety of seminars educating local high school athletic directors and their staff. These educational seminars also provide an opportunity for health care professional to receive CEU’s for attending.

With hours of research, development, education and implementation of the newest technologies available, the programs offered through the MORE Foundation, with your support will continue to benefit the community.

To learn about MORE Foundation activities and how you can support our mission or to schedule a talk for your organization please contact: Amy Nester, Manager of Community Outreach at 630-968-1881 x 6415.

The MORE Foundation is a 501c3 organization. All contributions
are tax deductible.

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Since 1978, M & M Orthopaedics has provided state-of-the-art care and treatment for musculoskeletal health. All of our physicians are Board Certified in their specialty. Our staff includes 16 orthopaedic surgeons, 2 podiatrists, 1 physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and 6 physician assistants, all treating a wide variety of problems.

Our specializations include general orthopaedics, fracture care for children and adults, sports medicine, joint reconstruction, hand, spine, foot and ankle, arthroscopic surgery, and pediatric orthopaedics.