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Keep up to date on the latest sports medicine developments with articles from industry leading experts!

Go Running for Exercise - Helpful highlights on getting the most out of your routine.Lawrence Lieber, MD
Go Knee Injuries and Girls - It’s been well documented that girls and women suffer more anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries while playing basketball and soccer than their male counterparts. Debra A. Zillmer, M.D.
Research & Education
Go Introducing the MORE Foundation, committed to improving the physical well-being of our community by providing the latest in orthopaedic education and cutting edge orthopaedic research. Amy Nester
Stretching and Warm-up
Go Stretching and Warm-up - Proper warm up routines are key to preventing injuries down the road. E. Brian Lindell, M.D.

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Since 1978, M & M Orthopaedics has provided state-of-the-art care and treatment for musculoskeletal health. All of our physicians are Board Certified in their specialty. Our staff includes 16 orthopaedic surgeons, 2 podiatrists, 1 physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, and 6 physician assistants, all treating a wide variety of problems.

Our specializations include general orthopaedics, fracture care for children and adults, sports medicine, joint reconstruction, hand, spine, foot and ankle, arthroscopic surgery, and pediatric orthopaedics.